We’re accustomed to overseeing projects from start to finish – and all the bits in between!

We work alongside multinational corporations, supplementing their in-house departments on specific projects. We also work with NGOs and smaller companies, partnering with them to help them grow their brand.

Our project flow usually looks like this:


A well-managed project begins with a clearly defined brief. We want to make sure we integrate seamlessly with your company’s ethos, strategy and visual identity. So, we’ll meet with you to understand your project requirements: what you have in mind, the project’s scope, your target audience, the budget, the timeline and the people involved.

This information will help us understand the concept, and define aspects like the project’s look-and-feel, the skills we need to supply and the associated deadlines.


The development phase of the project is where all our gears kick into motion.

We take care of:

  • Project management (we oversee internal and external resources to ensure we meet the deadline)
  • Design and layout (we adhere to your company’s corporate identity while delivering a piece that is new, fresh and consistent across each page)
  • Copywriting, editing and proofing (we’ll help you deliver visually and where it matters – in the copy department)
  • Graphic content (photography – from people, to products, to places; image procurement; illustration and image editing)

This phase involves proofing and client feedback before we prepare the final files and get your sign-off. Then it’s off to production!


We care about the quality of the final product and are picky about the suppliers to whom we outsource.

We understand the technicalities involved in many different kinds of production and can tell you, from experience, that it takes time to resolve workflow kinks. That’s why we have a handful of suppliers that we trust to execute our projects.

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